A New Diagnosis

I finally went to a doctor who seems pretty confident about what I have.  He had me do a Cunningham Panel, which is a blood test.  I got the results back couple of weeks ago and it seems like I have a component of PANDAS/PANS, a nervous system disorder.  Luckily, this doctor has had similar cases and has a treatment.  I am currently in process of completing a ten day cleanse where I can only eat fish, fruits, and vegetables for the bulk of it(and drink a nasty powder supplement).  While I am doing the cleanse I also started taking a boatload of supplements.  I will be taking these supplements plus an antibiotic I have been taking for a little bit now.  Hopefully this treatment will be the one to end all of this.


Still not changing the name of the blog even though I don’t have epilepsy…

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