I may not be an Epileptic Anymore…

I won’t change the name of the blog, but I got results back from the five day EEG that show I may not have Epilepsy.  During the episodes and seizures I had while the mass of bandages was on my head, my brain waves were normal.  At least my brain is normal, I don’t have to worry about something in there anymore.  The neurologist said the best results came from the 24/7 video recording.  Every time I had a seizure, he saw the way my body contracted on the right side was unusual for Epileptic seizures.  At this point he is trying to figure out what I have.  I could have a movement disorder or a vascular problem.  The vascular problem could be an answer, as my arm get’s cold and numb, like there is a slowing of blood going to my fingers.  I have a test coming up to look at blood flow, like an MRI for my veins.  Hopefully when I get that done, we will get some good results out of it.


James 1:2

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