The Nightmare

It came out of nowhere from a blank stare.  The seizure gripped me.  Once it release me, I was in a dream state.  I couldn’t see or move.  Every minute or two, I would have another short seizure.  When the seizures ceased, I drifted deeper into the dream.  Reality and time slipped away.  I was beneath shallow, dark water.  My parents tried waking me up, but all I could hear was faint voices.  They moved my body and tried to irritate me out of the dream.  All I could feel was a floating feeling beneath that water.  As time passed the dream turned into a nightmare of darkness.  Nothing my parents could do, would work to wake me up.  Now and then, I would talk in a half awake state, they took this opportunity to give me a pill that my neurologist said would make me sleep, but stop the seizures.  This seemed like 45 minutes into the nightmare.  The medicine set in and I was gripped by paralysis.  The water in my nightmare was getting deeper.  I was trying to swim to the top, but I couldn’t move my arms.  It felt like my breathing was slowing and the life in my body was ceasing.  Then a hand reached down to pull me out of the water.  Just as I was getting to the top, I broke out of the dream, into reality for a few seconds.  to me I was trying to wake up, to my parents, it seemed like I was having a full body seizure.  One and half hours into the nightmare.  My grip on the hand slipped and I fell back into the water.  They tried even harder to wake me, but nothing worked again.  My breathing slowed to a few breaths.  Before I knew it, I was floating into the E.R.  My parents had put me into the car and rushed me to the hospital.  I was floating down the hall to my E.R. room.  The nightmare got worse every time a doctor or nurse tried to wake me.  They tried sternal rubs, but that sent me into a spiral of seizures in my nightmare.  Two hours in now.  Once again, I was sleeping under that dark water.  A hand reached down once again.  This time the hand was clothed in light and gripped my hand with a firmness, that I haven’t felt before.  The hand pulled me straight out of the water and up to reality.  It felt like a gust of wind was on my face as I woke up.  I was shocked, as one would be after a two and a half hour nightmare.  I was finally awake, The E.R. room confused me at first.  I remembered where I was now, back at the hospital.  I had a similar episode a few days before this episode.  Eventually,after a CAT scan, they got me back up on my feet and I left the E.R.  The nightmare behind me now. I was awake again, I was myself, and I was alive.  No matter what this affliction throws at me, I will always rise above the challenges it presents to me.  Eventually this will come to an end and I will be able to move on with my life and carry this experience as a new way to overcome trials.

James 1:2

One thought on “The Nightmare”

  1. Keep That Faithfulness, you know who was Reching down for you.
    You know you could start writing a book, and have a best seller, God uses things for his purpose.
    You are Loved


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